Cádiz Investment Hub is a project of the Cádiz Employers ́ Confederation (CEC) and is funded by the Regional Council of Cádiz. It is the primary entity resposible of identifying, attracting and retaining investment for the region of Cádiz. Its main objective is to promote economic development in the region by facilitating investment projects and expansion of companies, both national and international, in order to attract talent and strengthen strategic sectors.

The office works proactively and focuses on aligning the interests of various stakeholders. The office serves as a link between the public and private sectors. It offers services that span from pre-investment through post-investment, including the identification of investors, facilitation of contacts, strategic support, accompaniment throughout the process and  business development assistance.

We work hand-in-hand with renowned executives of renowned prestige in the business and economy sector who will help to increasse the awareness of the Cádiz Investment Hub project.

Javier Garat
Secretary General of the Spanish Fishing Confederation (CEPESCA) and President of the Blue Economy Commission of the CEOE.
Augusto Delkáder,
Journalist, member of the Board of Directors of Sacyr and the Areces Foundation.
Federico Linares
President of E&Y Spain.
Rosario Sierra
Business Director of LinkedIn.
José Yelamo
Journalist and presenter at La sexta.
Cristina Ysasi-Ysasmendi
Member of the Board of Directors of Companies.



We help identify and guide potential investors through the initial evaluation phase, providing all necessary information about why Cádiz is a strategic location for investment.


We offer support, comprehensive advice and free and professional consulting throughout the entire implementation process, covering area including taxes, workforce, legal, land/space, administrative procedures, visas and more.


We help generate traction for operational success and further expansion by investing companies and those in strategic sectors Economic development: We drive the economy through strategic approaches for innovative sectors, partnerships and ecosystems.

Economic developmenT

We drive the economy through strategic approaches to innovative sectors, alliances and ecosystems.

Email: info@cadizinvest.com
Phone: +34 956 290 919
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